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Office automation and DIY trend has been getting more popularity and attention recently. In response to this trend, MSITM has again successfully developed a "Slim PC" targeting office automation - the "MS-6215". The MS-6215 is integrated with an Ethernet LAN controller, allowing IT managers to efficiently and effectively administer each client station through the network. The MS-6215 Slim PC applies a slim industrial design, integrating a floppy and a CD-ROM drive. The riser card with PCI slots provides further expandability. The Infra Red, audio ports and USB ports have been moved to the front for easy access. The MS-6215 Slim PC is a concept product of the new era.

The new Slim PC, MS-6215, is an evolution of new creativity, advanced technology and performance. With its advantage of lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maintenance overhead, the new MS-6215 has become a very competitive product in the new technology era.

The new MS-6215 applies a LPX form factor motherboard, which offers the advantage of easy installation and maintenance. The back panel is also an integral part of the motherboard, which is far more robust. The motherboard supports both Intel® CeleronTM and Pentium® III processors up to 866MHz, providing the most versatile and wide range of solutions. Through the integrated Ethernet controller or a modem, MIS personnel are able to monitor the activity and status of each client station, and then troubleshoot remotely.

The MS-6215 Slim PC is available in cream and champagne colors, providing a comfortable visual effect. The product also provides user-friendly functions and port arrangements such as the front placement of microphone, earphone, audio and USB ports, and keyboard, mouse, COM port plus LAN IEEE1394 connections in the back. The MS-6215 includes the following features:

Chassis Design

  1. Smallest LPX specification and dimension:
    { 320mm(length) x 300mm(width) x 78mm(height) }
  2. ertical and horizontal placements.
  3. Modular design and easy assembly.
  4. Internal system fan, preventing system overheat.

Motherboard Functions

The MS-6351 motherboard applies Intel® 815E chipset. The LPX form factor motherboard supports PC133 architecture, and 66/100/133MHz bus frequency is automatically selected. The 2 DIMM slots are able to support up to a maximum of 512MB of memory capacity.