• ソリッドニッケルメッキ銅ベースプレートに8個の高効率6mmスーパーパイプとアルミフィンが接続され、CPUから最大250Wの熱を放散します。
  • エアフローコントロールテクノロジーは、ヒートパイプ上により多くの空気を流してより良い冷却を行うために、アルミニウムフィンの小さなくぼみを使用します。
  • 受賞歴を誇るMSI TORXデザインを採用したMSI TORXデザイン120mmファンは、ハイドロダイナミックベアリングを使用して気流を増加させます。
  • MSI Mystic Light AppでPCをパーソナライズし、PCやモバイルデバイスで約1680万色と数多くのアニメーション効果が選択できます。
  • スマートなベースデザインにより、第1のPCI-eスロットにグラフィックカード用のスペースが確保されます。
  • 調整可能なファンの設定は36mm〜55mmの範囲であり、メモリへの干渉を防止します。
  • 取り付けが簡単で、多くののIntelおよびAMDプラットフォームと互換性があります。
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We keep it cool,
you get to frag

Games are brought to life through high performance hardware which can get pretty hot in the thick of battle. The cooling of components can make all the difference when you need your hardware to keep its cool for a smooth gaming experience.

The MSI Core Frozr XL has been designed using all the experience and cutting-edge technologies of MSI GAMING products to provide best-in-class thermal performance.

TORX Fans for max airflow

Using MSI’s patented TORX Fan technology which can also be found on our famous GAMING series graphics cards, a massive amount of airflow is generated for highly effective cooling. The unique combination of two different type of fan blades also ensures that the cooler stays relatively silent under extreme load situations.

Dispersion Fan Blade

has a steeper curved blade which accelerates the airflow, increasing its effectiveness.

Traditional Fan Blade

pushes down a steady airflow to the massive heatsink below.

Hydro-Dynamic Bearing

Spinning smoothly on self-lubricating hydro dynamic bearings, the fan has a very long lifespan under constant operation.

A solid base for gaming

Core Frozr XL uses a solid nickel-plated copper baseplate which creates a large highly conductive area that catches the heat from the CPU and efficiently passes it on to the connected heatpipes.

Heatpipes & fins

Eight highly efficient 6mm SuperPipes reach up from the baseplate into an impressive array of aluminum fins. The fins are equipped with Airflow Control technology to dissipate up to 250W of heat from the CPU

Premium Thermal Compound X

Every tiny detail counts when it comes to creating the ultimate thermal design, which is why Core Frozr XL uses a premium thermal compound to ensure lasting and reliable thermal performance.


Fan placement can be adjusted to allow enough space (36mm-55mm) for high-end memory modules with heatsinks or RGB LEDs.


Personalize your rig with RGB Mystic Light and choose from 16.8m colors and a number of animated effects by using the MSI Mystic Light App software on your PC or mobile device.

LED Color

Easy installation
on Intel and AMD

Supports all popular Intel and AMD sockets and can be fitted with an easy to use mounting system. The Core Frozr XL also includes a CPU backplate which gives more support for both the motherboard and the cooler to prevent any damage through years of usage or the occasional bump during transport.



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